What to do if Antibiotics are resistent for Infections?

His Mother pressed her lips against the kid who was burning up and  after he became unconscious they knew we only had a few hours left before he desperately need an antibiotic and something to bring his fever down but a few months into the Great Depression post American families had run out of medication. The same scenario will happen the way antibiotics are loosing its effectiveness for infections because of “Resistence”

Imagine this happening to your kid or grandkid in a crisis where there are no pharmacies no antibiotics and no doctor around. The kid in this story was saved by his father simply using this medicinal plant as per the true story of Claude Davis in his narrative of his Grandfather.

Long before penicillin was invented, native americans knew this plant in their backyard that it probably grows in your backyard which spreads all over America and Canada. If tomorrow. All the pharmacy’s ran dry and you didn’t have any other way to fight infection. Knowing this one plant would be a godsend. American natives were using this plan to break serious fevers and cure life threatening infections.

If nobody knew about this special plant the infection of this little boy would have surely claimed his life that very night. This piece of old time wisdom might save your life or the life of someone you love in a medical crisis. The Claude’s grandfather made tea from this plant and then he cut the inner bark of a willow tree and made an infusion out of it. If you ever get a high fever inflammation or any type of pain, it  will act like a very powerful aspirin with enhanced pain killing effects.

In fact, the most important ingredient in aspirin is called Salicylic acid and it comes from the Latin word for willow tree Salix now, you wouldn’t think but our ancesters all knew that. You can also use it to preserve your canned goods from toxic bacteria in a few minutes.

It’s all about common plants that can replace modern antibiotics and stop deadly infections. backyard weeds that can numb your pain, just like morphine and plants that can stop your bleeding in just minutes even plants that were better than most modern drugs to reverse joint damage from arthritis, lower your cholesterol stabilize your blood sugar levels and even prevent cancer from developing in your body.

In fact, some of these plants are so powerful that the modern medicine has just recently started to catch up with them.

But more and more scientific studies show their healing power, which makes them essential for keeping you healthy during the worst of times of deadly crisis. In modern world, you can be sure that life saving meds will be the first to vanish off the shelves and the cost of already expensive drugs is going to shoot through the roof, same thing will happen when Medicare runs out of money what still available and affordable now may soon be out of reach. Not to mention the globally spreading antibiotic resistance in every continent which will run out of efficacy of antibiotics for even trivial infections.  

And when this happens, your only hope is to treat yourself without them. So your backyard plants and common weeds can become your own medicine cabinet. Most of them are also edible that will keep you and your loved ones well fed while other people will be cooking their leather shoes and belts and it’s easy to understand that when you haven’t eaten for days and your immune system is at its weakest it doesn’t take much to put you into an early grave, that’s exactly what happened to most families during the Great Depression when it wasn’t food shortages, the claim the most lines like you might expect but was disease. People would die from common colds or infections in their own homes and many were discovered like that by their neighbors with food supplies intact.

But there are alternatives for this upcoming crisis. Read the story of
Claude Davis!

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